Maintenance/Repair Request

  • Maintenance/Repair Request
    Please use this form to submit a non-emergency work order for:

         • Repairs to existing building or property
         • Clean up from damage (structural leaks or plumbing issues)
         • Affixing permanent structure to walls or ceilings (TV's, dry erase boards, etc.)
         • Replacing burned out light bulbs
         • Electrical repairs
         • Furniture or heavy equipment moving

    Be as specific as possible and, if necessary, indicate a date for the work to be completed. A copy of this request will be sent to Tony Urso, Head of Custodial Services and Pam Loden, Parish Administrator and they will determine whether the work needs to be completed by staff or an outside vendor.

    DO NOT use this form to request space usage, event or classroom setups. Instead, use this form for that purpose.
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