ONE OF OUR EXPECTATIONS for members of Atonement is that they move spiritually closer to Christ in their personal faith journeys. One of the core catalysts in making that happen is to spend time in God’s Word as well as engage in small groups and develop spiritual friendships. Atonement offers several opportunities for adults to enrich their knowledge of God, of the church and of ourselves by developing a character that is more like Jesus Christ. Please take a moment to read through the offerings on this page and consider joining one or more of these studies to help move you along the path closer to Jesus.




WHAT IS What’s Your Story? The Bible contains many stories of God’s family. As children of God, these stories are in fact our family stories. We don’t often think of God’s story continuing in and through our lives. But it does. Just as our family’s story didn’t stop with our great-grandparents, grandparents and parents, God’s story continues to unfold in our own life stories.


You are a beloved child of God, fully sharing in God’s story not because of what you do but because of who God is. This study is designed to help you reflect on your story within God’s family story. How do these stories bring a sense of belonging, connectedness and purpose to your life and to those who hear your story? As you look for God in your daily life you will find God. You’ll begin to recognize God in the big and small moments of your life. This study will help you cultivate a mindset for experiencing, recognizing and sharing your story as part of God’s story. Each week for 10 weeks, you will have an opportunity to study the Bible, reflect on your story, and then share your story in a variety of fun and innovative ways.


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Men's Ministry



Atonement Men’s Group

Saturday morning, 8:00 to 9:30 am

Runs all year 


You don’t have to do life alone. In fact, you were never meant to. God created every man to exist in community. Our Saturday morning men’s ministry is a group of guys striving to become the men God created them to be while encouraging the same in one another. Here you’ll find a relaxed setting where men enjoy good discussion, great teaching and lighter moments. You will also have an opportunity to get to know other men on the same journey of learning how to be “God’s men” in today’s culture.


This group meets over coffee and morning treats to learn from selected studies and usually breaks up into smaller groups to allow time for sharing experiences and practical applications of God’s Word in daily living. Participation includes occasional full or half day service projects, hosting a breakfast along with a speaker to address men’s issues or a guy’s night out—a way to get together just to have fun and engage socially from time to time. Even if you’re not a regular in this group, all men are welcome to be part of our service or social events.


This is an open group and all are invited to take part: all ages, married or not, member or friends of members—we’re always open to making room for one more to join. To get more details about the current or upcoming Men’s Ministry sessions, please check our announcements page. If you would like to receive regular email newsletters from our Men’s Group, click here to join the mailing list.





Women's Ministry



Women’s Study Group

Tuesday morning women’s Bible study, 9:15 to 11:15 am

September through April


Women’s Bible Study is a time for us to gather each week, share conversation, support one another in our faith journeys, and learn how God’s Word speaks into our lives each and every day.





Sunday Worship - 8:45 & 10:10am | Sunday School (pre thru 5th grade) - 8:45am
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