WE INVITE YOU to get to know us! We offer several options for you to join us for worship. The schedule of worship opportunities can be located on the announcement page
  • VIRTUAL WORSHIP – on Facebook and YouTube. We create a weekly virtual option for those who may want to worship at home. 
  • PARKING LOT WORSHIP – Held weekly in the Atonement parking lot at 9:30 am *(11:00 am after Live Zoom services). Parking Lot worship services will take place regardless of weather conditions.
  • ZOOM WORSHIP – an interactive service Live on Zoom – *once per month at 9:30 am
  • IN-PERSON WORSHIP – available at 8:00 am as COVID restrictions allow. Registration is required when an In-Person service is scheduled.

How do I find out what’s happening? 

During the current pandemic we are listing our virtual offerings on the Announcement Page.

  • Like us on Facebook to be informed of activities, classes, celebrations and other events we offer
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Attend a Newcomer’s Class

Join us for a one hour session led by Mary Williams, Minister of Community Formation and one of our pastors. We will tell you all about Atonement and what we have to offer. We do not have a scheduled class at this time. For information, contact Mary Williams
WHat to Expect

We encourage you to join us, however we know there can be many questions or concerns when visiting a church for the first time. Here’s a list of the top ten things you might want to know about visiting Atonement:

1. You can be    comfortable

We want you to feel comfortable joining us for a Sunday morning service. Come as you are.



2. You won’t be singled out

As a visitor, you won’t be singled out or asked to do anything you don’t want to do. We encourage you to introduce yourself to us—we’d love to meet you.


3. You can feel     welcome

There are lots of reasons people visit church. Whatever your reasons, you’re very welcome to join us this weekend.

4. Church is for children and adults

Children are always welcome in worship at Atonement. Booster seats and activity packets are available at the back of the church.  For children who are willing we have “praygounds” set up in front of the pews with age appropriate activities. If you prefer, we also offer child care during Sunday worship hours in a staffed, secure nursery that will supervise your infant to 3 year old toddler.


During the school year, we offer Sunday School for kids from preschool to fifth grade during the 8:45 worship hour. In the summer during any worship time, children can join their parents in worship and also attend worship at the “prayground”.


Our two  Sunday services at 8:45 and 10:10 am are usually conducted in a more classic style with organ, traditional hymns, choirs, sung liturgy and vestments. The order of worship generally follows a more formal, liturgical format.  From time to time, our worship will feature a special variety of musical leadership. We incorporate contemporary,  jazz, Celtic style string band and even  Caribbean Island style band to help lead us in worship.


All services utilize multimedia to assist in following the service as well stimulating all the senses. We celebrate Holy Communion at both services weekly. We invite you to view a video.


5. Expect . . . the expected

Here is what you can expect if you visit one of our Sunday morning services:

  • We’ll welcome you at the front of the building
  • There will be singing throughout the service
  • You’ll experience the words, lyrics and other parts of the service using multi-media projection
  • We’ll read passages from the Bible
  • Our pastor will teach on the readings
  • There will be times of prayer
  • We receive an offering from our members where a plate is passed as a form of worship during the service. You are not expected or obligated to participate.
  • There will be a brief update with announcements and upcoming events.
  • After the service, there is coffee and fellowship in the Gathering Place

6. You can find a place to belong

Church is more than a place to go on Sunday morning. It’s a community. If you’d like to discover what it means to belong to Atonement, contact Mary Williams


7. Why bother with Jesus?

At Atonement, we want our members to be actively growing in their relationship with Jesus. We believe that God wants to have a relationship with every one of God’s children. God has made himself known to us most fully through Jesus Christ and his Word. We don’t expect that all who come to Atonement profess to have the same understanding or are at the same place in their faith journey. We invite you to explore for yourself as you move along in your Faith Journey at Atonement.


8. You’ll encounter people just like you

Everyone is welcome here, whatever your story, your questions, doubts or struggles.


9. You’ll be able to share when you’re ready

We respect the pace at which individual people connect. Members and regular visitors contribute to the vitality of the Atonement community by sharing their time and talents in many areas of ministry. 


10. Stay as long as you like

Feel free to linger after worship, catch up on the latest news in the community or just gather with friends. We have a spacious Gathering Place where you can have a cup of coffee, and greet others after the service. 

What do we expect in return?

We expect that you’ll be welcome AND that you may have questions. If you decide that Atonement is a place that you would like to consider as your church home, join one of our Newcomer classes to find out more about us and how to participate in our faith community. We expect you to grow! We call this growth our Faith Journey

Sunday Worship - 8:45 & 10:10am | Sunday School (pre thru 5th grade) - 8:45am
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