At Atonement, we welcome people of ALL ages into worship. Recent research from Fuller Youth Institute suggests that one of the ways to build a sticky, long-lasting faith in young people is for them to regularly worship with their families.


Since children learn at an early age whether or not they truly belong somewhere, we want their earliest memories of church to be of a place and a community where their voices are welcomed rather than silenced.  Crying babies demonstrate that is full of life. So does the murmur of children asking their families about what they’re seeing and observing in worship.




Sunday Information


The Pray-Ground

Your children are always welcome to join us at the front of the sanctuary in the pray-ground.  The pray-ground offers several materials for children to engage in throughout worship.  We’re OK with the murmur this creates because we know it’s a sign of engagement.  Keeping their hands busy often enables children to listen better to what’s going on around them.


Boosters, Bibles and Bags

Children engage best in worship when they can see.  While we recommend young families sit in front, for those who prefer to sit further back, there are booster seats under the back pews that young children can use to see better.


For those that don’t wish to use the pray-ground, worship bags are available which give kids a variety of things to do at their seats.  Children’s Bibles are also available.


Children and Youth Serve in Worship

At Atonement, we believe that every person has a gifts that are meant to be shared with the larger church community.  We welcome children to participate, serve and lead worship in age-appropriate ways.  These may include; sharing their musical gifts, reading scripture, serving as acolytes, and ushering.


Families in Worship

In addition to welcoming children in worship every week, to further encourage families to worship together, we offer monthly worship services that are intentionally planned with families in mind.  They are creative, experiential, and designed for the whole family to participate in – from babies to grandparents.



Babies to toddlers are always welcome in worship, as are nursing moms,  However, for those who prefer, we also offer a staffed nursery for babies to 3 year old toddlers.  While in the nursery children will experience the love of God from caring adults in a clean environment with age-appropriate toys.


Sunday School

2019-2020 program year begins Sunday SEPTEMBER 8!


Children learn faith through worshiping with their families.   It’s also important for them to have age-appropriate, fun opportunities to learn about Scripture and their faith.  From September-May, during our 8:45 service we offer Sunday School for 2 year-old through 5th grade.  Visitors are always welcome at Sunday School.


During Sunday School we cultivate the faith formation of our children through the love of caring adult leaders, relationships with peers, engagement with Scripture, and the making of memories.  We want children to leave Sunday School and want to return next week, eager to see friends, and learn more of God’s story – a story that they will eventually see themselves in.


Sunday School ends each week with children joining their families in worship for communion and the conclusion of the service.


Sunday morning at 8:45 (during the worship service)

Ages/Grades: Preschool—elementary (2-3 yr.-old through 5th grade)


This year, our 2 year old through kindergarten children will be using Godly Play to explore the stories of our faith.  Our 1st-5th graders will be using the Grow: Kids  curriculum.  Students will interact with one another in both large and small groups.


Parents need to drop off their children in the Fellowship Hall (Lower Level) between 8:30-8:45 am.  Children will be reunited with their families towards the end of worship when they are brought to the Sanctuary.


Faith Milestones

We believe that faith is a continual journey that begins at birth and does not end until death.  Beginning with Baptism, we welcome children into the family of God.  As a congregation, we promise to pray for and support families as they nurture their children’s faith.  One of the ways we do this it by marking regular faith milestones.


A faith milestones program gives families an opportunity to interact with other families who have the same aged children in a one-time experiential class.  They learn about their faith together and later receive a blessing in worship from our entire congregation.  Examples of faith milestones include:  Baptism, Toddler Penny Blessing, First Bible Presentation, First Communion, Confirmation and High School Graduation.






KICK – (Kids in Christ’s Kingdom)

2019-2020 program year begins Wednesday, OCTOBER 2


Wednesday evenings from 4:30-6:30pm (includes dinner)

Ages/Grades: Pre-school—elementary (3 yr.-olds through 5th grade)


Each Wednesday evening we seek to give our lives a KICK (Kids in Christ’s Kingdom) by connecting to God through building relationships, learning Bible stories, and learning faith practices that help our kids grow up to be spiritually strong people. KICK is similar to Sunday School in that we do learn Bible stories and the ‘stuff of faith.’ However, KICK is very different because of the addition of group activity/play time and in sharing a full meal. These additional elements provide us opportunity to ‘practice what we preach.’ We hope that KICK allows students to not only learn about God’s love, but to experience that love through activity and sharing a meal.


A typical night of KICK:

4:30-5:00 Game and craft time
5:00-5:45 Break into classes
5:45-6:30 Dinner


The relationships formed in our mid-week programs last through their elementary years and into high school.




KICK – Adult Volunteer Requirements

KICK exists only through our dedicated helpers and part of the expectation is that parents become involved in one or more volunteer opportunities. When you register your child, please volunteer here.






2019-2020 program year begins Wednesday, OCTOBER 2


Wednesday afternoons from 4:30pm-5:00pm during the school year

Ages/Grades: 2 years-old and under
Fees: $85 per student


The language of faith and music is nurtured in Musikgarten class for Atonement’s youngest population. Offered for children age 2 and under accompanied by a parent or caregiver, this class will help you bond musically with your child. You’ll learn ways to enrich your family life through active music-making. And because we use sacred songs and prayers, you will take first steps in giving your child a foundation for faith development. In addition, you will nurture your child’s brain development. Studies show that music awakens and stimulates neural pathways in the brain that help develop memory, math skills and powers of abstract thinking. Musical activities are ideal for your growing child.



Vacation Bible School



Vacation Bible School

One week (4 days) during the summer from 9:00am-11:30am

Ages/Grades: Pre-school—elementary (4 yr.-olds through 5th grade)
Fees: $50 per student


Vacation Bible School is held for four days during a week each summer at Atonement. VBS is filled with incredible Bible learning that kids experience through play, drama, song, dance, crafts, snacks and theater. All these activities are designed to help kids’ faith grow, as they learn about God’s incredible love for them!



Child / Volunteer Safety Information

We are committed to keeping your child safe while enrolled in any program at Atonement. All adults over 18 who work with Atonement youth are trained and subject to annual background checks.  To view or download our Child & Volunteer Protection Policy, please click here.


Sunday Worship - 8:45 & 10:10am | Sunday School (pre thru 5th grade) - 8:45am
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