The friendly, fun-loving, mission-minded teens at Atonement want to welcome you to our church and invite you to take part in the weekly ministries that our youth participate in. We train young people to not only develop a personal, daily relationship with Christ, but to also practice a lifestyle of Christian service.


During the school year, we meet weekly to learn from scripture and life lessons. We also provide activities to give our youth the chance for good Christian fun and fellowship so our teens have a well rounded experience. Please browse the tabs below to learn more info about each of our youth departments.


Middle School




Wednesday @ 6:45-8:00pm
Optional Dinner
@ 6:00-6:45pm

Registration for Fall 2017 will be open soon.

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Ages/Grades: 6th grade through October of 9th grade

Students: Download Worship Reports

2018-2019 school year begins Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 5th



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(Schedule your student for service projects)

Confirmation Class is a 3-year program for middle school youth in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades, designed to prepare students for adult discipleship in the Christian church. It culminates with the Rite of Confirmation (also known as Affirmation of Baptism), conducted on Reformation Sunday (the last Sunday in October) of the student’s 9th grade. The program overview includes Luther’s Small Catechism and Biblical studies, participation in Small Group discussion, service requirements, fellowship events, confirmation camp and Sunday worship.


Each week classes will include instruction by one of our pastors and time in an assigned small group. Each group is led by a committed and dedicated adult leader.


Middle School Dinner (optional) meets from 6:00 – 6:45 pm on Wednesdays just before confirmation instruction. Each night, along with a delicous meal, students will have the opportunity for social connection and team building. There is an additional cost for dinner.



Confirmation – Adult Volunteer Requirements

Confirmation is enhanced through our dedicated parent helpers and adult volunteers. When you register your child, please volunteer here.


Confirmation camp must be completed after the 6th, 7th or 8th grade year. Each year we send students to Lutherdale Bible Camp, Elkhorn, Wisconsin. For more information check out the Lutherdale website here.



Confirmation Program Email updates

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High School



JAM (Jesus and Me)

Wednesday @ 7:00-8:00pm
Optional Dinner
@ 6:30-7:00pm

2018-2019 school year begins Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 5


JAM is a community of High School Students that seeks to build a strong foundation of faith, helping teens grow in wisdom and knowledge as they navigate the pressures and opportunities of High School. We have some social time each week as well as some time in small groups with adult ‘shepherds.’ Some weeks we take on very serious things, and some weeks are much more laid back. We laugh, we pray, and we encourage those who are beaten down and tired.


Students should plan on growing closer to God and to friends (as well as making new friends). We pray that this hour each week will be a helpful boost through the crazy years of High School. We also pray that it will empower and embolden students to be the people God is calling them to be.


Due to the hectic schedules of High School students, there is no expectation of weekly attendance. Students are often absent during entire seasons (football season, soccer, musical rehearsals…) and then rejoin when they get the chance. Students are welcome to bring friends. JAM is always open! Join us on Wednesday nights!



JAM-led Worship

Each year, JAM students lead worship 2 times (once in the Fall and then again in Spring). We rejoice that at Atonement our youth are not only the future of the church, but a very active PRESENT. Our young people have a great deal to offer our church and community now and we place a priority on having them lead our whole congregation in worship.



Follow JAM on Social Media

Check out the JAM Facebook page by clicking the icon at right and ‘like’ us if you would like to follow. For the protection of our students, this page is a closed group and your participation will need to be approved by the moderator.



JAM Email updates

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Summer Opportunities for High School Youth

Mission Trip
Since 2012 we have traveled to Kyle, South Dakota to work with native Americans from the Lakota tribe. We will return this summer to continue our work with our Lakota friends on the Pine Ridge Reservation.


These weeks in mission are intense on personal and spiritual levels. Students experience God in very powerful ways and see how the work of the Holy Spirit through them can have a critical impact on the lives of those we serve. We often come home feeling like the effort we have given pales in comparison to the gifts of faith and hospitality we have received. You can learn more about the high school mission trip here on our website.


Leadership Lab
Leadership Lab meets for a week in the summer at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. Students love it because they get to live like a college kid for a week in a college dorm and hang out with around 400 of their peers. Parents love it because it provides a ‘hands on’ experience for kids to learn leadership skills like goal setting, strategizing, team building, and personal reflection. All of this training happens in a Christ-centered environment where God’s promises of love, encouragement, and forgiveness permeate the ups and downs of a very intense week. For more information about the Leadership Lab program, check out the Leadership Lab website.



JAM – Adult Volunteer Requirements

Our JAM Program is enhanced through our dedicated parent helpers and adult volunteers. When you register your child, please volunteer here.


H.S. Mission Trip



High School Mission Trip

One Week in Summer
Kyle, South Dakota

2019 Mission Trip: Saturday, June 15 through Sunday, June 23

Registration for 2019 is closed

2019 Mission Trip Covenant


Each year since 2012, our JAM high school youth group has made a journey during the summer to the community of Kyle, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We go to the community of Kyle every year because we have begun to form genuine friendships with the Lakota people there and we hope to continue to build on that friendship into the future. Our mission is to show everyone on the Pine Ridge reservation the heart of Jesus as we serve, laugh, and grow in love toward our ‘neighbors.’


Students and chaperones for the week-long mission trip travel from Barrington by coach bus to the reservation. Students camp at the Lakota Prairie Ranch, though we do have a number of motel rooms in case of inclement weather. Meals are purchased through the government meal program at Little Wound School or catered through our Lakota friends. 


Here are some photos in our gallery from the mission in the summer of 2017.



2019 Mission Trip Plans

This year’s trip will take place from June 15 through June 23. The participant cost for transportation, meals, accommodations, and supplies will be announced in soon along with online registration.

Students going on the mission trip are expected to participate in Spring planning, fundraising and Mission Trip orientation events. They are also encouraged to register for our weekly JAM youth ministry and participate regularly. 


Students and chaperones can expect to be stretched physically and relationally as they participate in various community outreach and building projects. In years past, construction and maintenance projects were completed and in 2014 a day camp for Lakota children was run. Participants are also stretched spiritually through biblical study and reflection, worship and prayer, and in deepening spiritual friendships with other participants. One day during the week is spent in the majestic beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota to experience breathtaking sites and hike a few trails.


Previous trips to the Pine Ridge Reservation left meaningful impressions on the lives and faith of many of those who attended. For those who attend, this is not a walk in the park, it is hard work and you may come back with a changed heart. It’s a mission trip, not a vacation, but there’s plenty of fun experiencing Lakota culture, work and play together, and growing into the kind of people God has called us to be.
If you are interested in helping the planning committee, attending as a chaperone or have questions regarding the mission trip, click the button below.


Child / Volunteer Safety Information

We are committed to keeping your child safe while enrolled in any program at Atonement. To view or download our Child & Volunteer Protection Policy, please click here.

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